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Why Spirit Photography Gives Me A Headache

Posted by Sommer on April 22, 2013 at 1:30 PM


Ever taken a photo outside and noticed a bizarre ghostly mist?  When you took it, where you standing in the middle of a graveyard and thought “oh my goodness!”  Have you posted said photos to your paranormal blog, website, facebook, twitter, etc page?  Before you do so you should consider the following:


·      What time of year, time of day was the picture taken?

o   If it was the middle of January, outside, it is in all likelihood your breath reflecting off the flash of the camera.  They way to know for sure is when you take a photo take 3-5 consecutive pictures on a tripod with a remote so your finger, your breath, and you are not contaminating the photo.


·      When was the last time you cleaned your lens with a good lens cleaner?


o   The most common reason for weird anomalies in photos are simply because your lens has a finger print or some dust on it.  If you want to be credible with your paranormal evidence you have to look for all of the reason why things are NOT paranormal.  Then figure out what you are left with.


o   Make sure to get your image sensor professionally cleaned at least once per year.


·      Use lower apertures (if you can). Dust particles really show up when you use apertures between F11 and F22. I’m not saying you should avoid these apertures entirely. If you’re taking a landscape photo, and you need a very large depth of field, by all means use a higher-valued aperture.


o   Consider using lenses with a bigger focal range. If your quiver of lenses is full of single focal length (prime) lenses that cannot zoom in and out, you are going to be changing your lenses much more than someone who owns a few good zooms. Every time you change your lens, you give dust a chance to break in. Some people take this tip to the extreme and purchase two cameras – one for a wide angle/normal lens, and one that can zoom in. Do what’s best for you.

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