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Grey Ghost Para Con

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We are very pleased to announce that we along with the USS Hornet Musuem will be putting on our first ever Paranormal Conference.  The event will be held Saturday February 2nd 2013 aboard the USS Hornet located in the San Francisco Bay.  This years event will feature some of the best names in the paranormal field including celebrity speakers Bill Murphy from SyFy's Fact or Faked and Paul Bradford from SyFy's Ghost Hunters International.  For all the info please visit

Alameda Haunt Your House

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This year our founder is going to be one of the judges for the annual "Alameda Haunt Your House" house decorating contest and canned food drive.  We are very excited to be apart of such a cool event and a great cause! 

Live Investigation Party Event

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Join us for a pre-live investigation party at the White Horse Inn located in Oakland, CA on October 25th 2012!

On the Road with APR Vol. 2

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The Whaley House

Located at 2476 San Diego Avenue in historic Old Town San Diego, the Whaley House stands today as a classic example of mid-nineteenth century Greek Revival architecture. Formally dedicated as a historic house museum on May 25, 1960 and open to the public ever since, it is one of southern California's most popular visitor destinations. Over 100,000 people visit the Whaley House annually, with guests traveling from across the globe to experience this world-renowned museum.

Members of APR visited this location earlier this year to give you a realistic report on whether you should make the trip to Old Town or save your money for something else.

When we arrived at the location for our investigation we were shocked at what we found.  The historic home is situated in one of the most popular nightlife areas in all of San Diego.  Tons of restaurants and bars line the very block that the Whaley House sits on.  Essentially any recording device, audio or visual, is useless in this location.  Any EVP's you capture are likely voices from nearby bar patrons who had a little too much sangria and any growling sounds are likely from the stomaches of the hungry restaurant goers nearby.  Any video captured would be useless due to all the shadow play and lights from the busy street outside. There was so much contamination from outside sources that the investigation was over before it started.

While the Whaley House does have great historical significance, when it comes to anything paranormal, this place is not worth a dime.  Save your money and take one of their fun, short, daytime tours and enjoy some great spirits next door at one of the local watering holes.

On the Road with APR

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On the Road with APR


After seeing many paranormal hotspots on ghost related TV shows, people may be planning on visiting said locations to get a similar experience as what they witnessed by their favoriteTV Ghost hunting crews.  APR travels to many of the “as seen on TV” locations and will give an honest review so you know if it is worth your time or not worth a dime.  These are our opinions so take them for what they are, just an opinion.  Our hope is to save you time and money!


Many locations have terrific history and could be worth a visit but for some don’t expect the place to be crawling with any type of true paranormal activity. Sadly, many locations are not what they seem.


First stop, Winchester Mysteryhouse located in San Jose, CA.  Many people have taken the infamous tours that claim Sarah Winchester was haunted by the spirits of the people killed by Winchester Rifles.  The house itself has many architectural curiosities like doors that lead to nowhere and a bizarre fascination with the number 13 (ex: 13-bathrooms).  But was Sarah really tormented by ghosts and did she really have séances every night to keep them satisfied?  Is the Winchester house cloaked in mystery or was Sarah L. Winchester just living in misery after the death of her husband and daughter?


All stories true or false aside, the home itself is nearly impossible to have a true paranormal investigation.  Each room is sealed off so you may only look from a distance and some areas are protected by a piece of glass that you may not go behind.  You are not allowed to touch any “artifacts” and most recently they have decided to not allow any photography or recording devices. Here is the most outrageous part, the cost! 


From the Winchester House:


“Paranormal research may be done during ournormal operating hours (9am to 5pm) for $1,000/hour, and must work around ourongoing public tours. For private after hours (night) investigations, the costis $2,000/hour. Research activity must be concluded no later than 1am. Noovernight stays are permitted.

The investigating party must also provide a certificate of insurance, showing$1,000,000 general liability coverage, with the Winchester Mystery House® listed as additionally insured.

Unfortunately, no photography or videography is permitted inside the mansion.Your investigative equipment would have to be limited to devices that do notrecord images.”

It is clear by the outrageous cost of conducting any type of paranormal investigation that the Winchester House is not paranormal investigator friendly.  Any location that has a TV show ghost hunting team coming in to summon ghosts from another paranormal spot across the country essentially proves there is nothing to investigate there.


In short, the Winchester house is not worth a dime when it comes to anything paranormal.  It is however, a great location to visit to see some odd architecture and look at some old Winchester Rifles in their museum.


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